Why should you consider Sonoma State?

Why should a student consider Sonoma State?

So everyone raves about the San Diego State and the beauty of the campus, quality of education and its affordability, but jeepers-- you need around a 3.84 GPA to get in! Well now look north to Sonoma State for an affordable school that you can get into 3.25 GPA avg of the freshman class 2013. Wow, what a beautiful campus, new high tech buildings, nationally rated #17 in the US for Best College Housing, impressive Green Music Center, 41 undergraduate majors including: business, education, kinesiology, computer science, criminology, biology, international studies and education. The mid size campus of 9,300 students has some club, activity or sport for everyone. Graduate-- business, computer science, education and counseling programs too. NCAA DII Athletics Go visit this serene campus nestled in the rolling hills of Sonoma. Here is link!

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