How do we keep up on trends?

We were recently asked how we keep up on college advising trends. I think we are both up on the most current trends. My next UCLA class is titled, "Testing and Career Assessment." It could not be a better time with the SAT changes and the number of test prep apps that are flooding the market to learn from the experts. Our new college counselor at Campolindo High School, Joan Batcheller said it best, "We need to go through all the books here at the college and career center. Most of them are outdated and not accurate."

With the college application process completely online and the number of websites, apps, and search engines available to the student, it is hard to keep up with all the information. We still believe in tried and true methods that help any advisor learn: visiting schools and admissions directors, going to WACAC and UC conferences, and understanding best practices from other advisors. There is nothing like the voice of experience to help us improve our current practice. One new addition to my advising work is blogging on college advising. Currently, I am reading some of the Top 50 Blogs on college admissions. You can read them too here. I still like books and have many favorites that I use every week, hello Fiske Guide! But there is nothing better, when someone asks a question that I don't know the answer to, than a search engine for a fast response. Thank you Google!

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