Do you know the number of scholarships awarded to college athletes?

How many students get a full ride scholarship as athletes? Would it surprise you to learn it is less than 2%? And would it surprise you to learn full rides are only offered for these sports: football, men's and women's basketball, women's gymnastics, volleyball and tennis? It is much better for a student to focus on academics to receive merit aid than add more sports into their calendar. We love our student athletes in

Lamorinda, but I recently spoke with the founder of Lafayette Academy, Mark Bressler, about the dynamics that exist between academics, athletics and admissions for students. Mark makes many great points about academics for athletes. Mark started a blog and has a short answer for a middle school family here. Lynn O'Shaughnessy offers more information in a CBS News article on the 8 Things You Should Know About Sports Scholarships. Another great site that gives tons of stats on college scholarships by sport is Given our rugby team has such a strong program, I have tried to find a list of scholarships by school and ScholarshipStats has it along with many other sports. Another interesting fact from ScholarshipStats...students attending 4 year colleges received over $10 billion collectively in non-athletically related student aid in 2013 - over three times the amount of money awarded via athletic scholarships. Focus on academics for your student athlete; it is their future!

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