Virtual college tours are great to get a feel of a campus!

Last year we toured college and universities in the southeast. It was great to see schools with students walking around, talking to admissions officers and feeling the campus vibe. While there is nothing like seeing a campus in person, when you are creating a college list, schools might pop up that you can't visit but think you would like to attend. Now you can virtually visit schools through the following sites, as well as visit the school website for virtual tours. The site I always recommend for college searches and tours is The site has official school information, student reviews and student videos that can give you a look at campus life. Things to think about: do the students look like me in the video? Do I like the setting of the campus? Do the professors that are on the official video seem interesting to me? Do the classrooms look updated? There are many clues you can find in a virtual tour to see if you would like the college. Another website with official tours is that has college produced videos about the history of the school and the social life. It is good to see what the college itself chooses to tell you about the university to understand school priorities. Lastly I liked for a quick visit of the campus in a fast paced video format. Be careful to check the actual costs and admissions information on the school's website as the information presented in some of the videos was dated. Happy watching!

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