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The SAT Adversity score is wrong...

We have watched the battle between the ACT and SAT for student market share. In the past, the ACT was more of a traditional high school based test and therefore most students found it to be an easier test. As more elite colleges began to accept the ACT test and students found they scored better, the shift to the ACT was bound to happen. In 2014/2015, the SAT redesigned the basic format that was based on military and IQ tests to better mimic the ACT. And the SAT scoring in the 2015 rollout was easier, so students got better scores (inflated). Yet, the ACT was still holding onto market share and the SAT decided to appeal to colleges and their need for "diversity." Hence the new SAT Adversity score. Beta tested in 2018-2019, and being rolled out to many colleges for the 2020 graduates applications, the Adversity score is not revealed to the student, but reported to the college. Read more on this unfair score here. Our recommendation to students? Take the ACT.

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