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The rise of high test scores, what to do?

There was a webinar today put on by Compass Prep on the rise of high SAT and ACT scores. High scores (between 1400-1600 SAT; Above a 31 for ACT) has risen by 71% from 2017 to 2018. There are many factors for the increase, but the important realization is competitive schools are now having many students to choose from in the upper score ranges: 1500+ and 35+. What does your high performing student do? They need to have outstanding grades, recommendations, extracurriculars and overall application to be admitted into the elite schools. So don't despair but do realize that our beloved UCs: UCLA, Cal, Santa Barbara, Davis and Santa Cruz that are very popular with our students, now have even more competitive students to pick from. UC Berkeley was one school Compass Prep decided to focus on in their article. Click here for more.

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