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8th, 9th, 10th and 11th Graders:

Before beginning the college application process, we like to take the time to meticulously develop each student’s profile, so that when deadlines approach, the student has a competitive and holistic application that appeals to their target schools.

Identify skills and strengths to explore various subject areas.

Help students find meaningful volunteerism.

Provide summer enrichment ideas.

Plan curriculum, including course opportunities within and outside of

the student's high school.

Suggest ways students can become involved on campus and in

their community.

Create a target list of in-person and virtual college campus tours

and prepare students to make meaningful visits.

Guide students with standardized testing.

11th and 12th Graders:

We guide our clients through the entire college application process, including: curating a well-researched and balanced college list, assembling all necessary application materials, and ultimately, choosing the college they will attend.

Curate a college list with reach, match and safety schools. Provide insights into Early Decision, Early Action, and scholarship opportunities.

Facilitate college essay writing sessions.

Create individualized timelines and help manage application deadlines.

Application support for Common Application, Coalition Application,

UC, and institutional applications.

Help develop performance and artistic portfolios.

Finalize and plan recommendation letters.


Offer preparation for college admission interviews.

Provide resources when needed for tutors, test prep, etc.

Guidance on college decision and waitlist strategy.

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Post High School Services

College Success Workshops: Offered prior to freshman year to help prepare students for success and make the most of their college experience.


Resume assistance and internship guidance.

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